3 Great Rock Climbing Destinations Across The US

What makes the perfect rock climbing destination? Is it the setting, difficulty level, rock quality, style, variety, or maybe just how you were feeling that day? Regardless of your preferences, if you’re interested in a rock climbing adventure, make sure you visit the following 3 great rock climbing destinations across the US: 

Acadia National Park

There are very few places where you can climb on spectacular, crisp granite starting just inches above the frigid, dark waters of the northern Atlantic Ocean. Acadia National Park lies in Mt Desert, Maine and is home to many classic seaside routes as well as an impressive formation of pink granite that rises several pitches off the deck, providing an incredible view of the island, the ocean, and the lobster men hard at work.

Yosemite Valley

The most famous rock climbing area in America, Yosemite Valley, California, is dominated by the granite walls and cracks. The valley is famous for granite cracks and offers every type of climbing at all grades. Yosemite Valley also offers many excellent granite bouldering opportunities. The route is long, sustained and flawless, with over 31 pitches of steep, exposed and strenuous climbing throughout. John Muir was inspired by these mountains, so it is definitely worth a visit.

Silver Mountain

This rock climbing route in Baraga, Michigan, offers some of the longest and most challenging climbs in Upper Michigan. But, reaching the top is worth it as you’ll get to see the surrounding forests, which comes alive especially during the fall with colors creating a beautiful backdrop for this climbing area. Silver Mountain has a lot of cliffs which are the largest found in Upper Peninsula.

The breath-taking views and experience will inspire you to reach new heights!

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