A French Dish You Must Try At France

French desserts have always been considered world class, as have been other aspects of France such as their art, history and fashion. The word dessert itself was derived from the French word ‘desservir’. French confections are widely regarded as the best around the world and one popular dessert amongst many is the Creme Brulee, one that you must try while you are in France.

This mouthwatering French dessert came into existence  in the late 1600s. Traditionally, it was served every year on the 19th of March( St.Joseph’s Day) but people have it all year round. Its core ingredients are cream, egg yolk, sugar, vanilla and caramel. Adding a twist to the simple custard by layering a burnt caramel disc over it, this dessert appeals to anybody with a sweet tooth. The sophistication with which Creme Brulee is made is enough reason for you to try it. The method may be simple but the iconic combination of smooth and crunchy has made it popular internationally.

This dessert is bound to make your trip memorable because you cannot go wrong with the kind of taste that it offers. Rarely do we hear of people that dislike French desserts, especially ones that are sweet and crunchy. This delectable delight is a spin-off of the English dessert and has a classic French twist to it, hence, representing France wonderfully which is why you do not want to give this dessert a miss. Be sure to revel in the heavenly goodness of this sweet dish and make sweet memories in France!

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