Best Biking Trails At California, USA

For biking enthusiasts, California has a lot of beautiful biking trails to offer. These trails are rich in scenic beauty and range from low to high in terms of the difficulty level. Experienced or inexperienced, California has biking trails for all bikers. For riders looking for trails to explore, here is a list of best biking trails at California, USA:

Alameda Creek Regional Trail:

Running along the lines of the Niles Canyon in Fremont to the San Francisco Bay, this trail is accessible on both sides of the Alameda Creek. The surface is mostly  crushed stone and asphalt. On both sides, the distance of the trail is about 12 miles long. The southern side of the trail is preferred by the cyclists as it is more favorable for bikes. Both the trails go through densely populated areas and are also used largely. This trail is completely paved and flat.

Aliso Creek Trail:

The Aliso Creek Trail moves along the line of South Laguna to Rancho Santa Margarita. This trail is 18.5 miles long. There are many parks along this biking route as well as rest areas. Starting at ocean’s end, this trail moves uphill. Riders need to be careful while riding downhill on the way back. The surface of the trail is made from asphalt but after a few miles from the Laguna Hills Drive, this trail is mostly sand.

American River Bike Trail:

The American River Bike Trail moves along the coasts of the American River. Starting at the Discovery Park in Old Sacramento, this trail goes for about 32 miles before finally ending at Beal’s Point. This trail is two-laned and has telephones, restrooms and even reference maps along the way. There is no shortage of resting stops and eateries. Bikers can expect to see scenic views along the way. The trail surface is smooth throughout because it is made up of asphalt.

Bikers are sure to enjoy these trails as they are smooth and offer great views.

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