Best Games To Download For A Road Trip

Going on a road trip? They can be great fun, but when the roads stretch miles ahead and the boredom settles in, you need something to occupy you. Thank goodness for modern technology, because now you can just whip out your smartphone and keep yourself busy with different games and applications. Here are some of the best games to download so that your road trip doesn’t have a single tedious moment:

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

For this game, you can enter in as many people as you want in your car, and then proceed. Choose whether you want to be searching for words or objects or words and objects together. The app will give you things to find, and it is your job to spot them. You choose how many points it takes for somebody to win; when one person gets to that many points, they win. The game only costs 99 cents!

State Plate Bingo

State Plate Bingo is a very fun app to play in the car. When there are so many different states in the country, it is likely that you’ll pass by many cars hailing from these different territories. Every time you see a car plate from a new state, you put down a mark on your app. When somebody gets bingo, they win. It only costs 99 cents.

Family Car Games

This isn’t just one game but an array of different games. You can download this app for just $1.99, and choose from a multitude of fun and entertaining games to play with your family in the car. These games don’t require using extra materials, and there are more than a hundred of these to pick from. There’s bound to be quite a few that everyone will enjoy.

Mad Libs

You may have played Mad Libs with the original books. Now, on this free app version, you can have fun in your road trips with your family. The game consists of a story or passage with blanks where certain words go. The parts of speech or general category of those words are given, and you have to supply those words, sans context. When substituted for the blanks and read aloud, it often creates a hilarious effect.

Road Trip Bingo

State Plate Bingo is like regular bingo, but instead you spot items that you see out your window. The app will provide each member with a bingo card that has a bunch of things you would typically come across during a road trip. As you go by, you mark the items that you spot. The first person to complete and say “Bingo!” wins. It costs $2.99.

Q Road Trip

If the conversation in the car has died down, this is the perfect app to get it flowing again. This free app asks questions, the kind that will make you think or reminisce or laugh or question further. It really is the perfect app to use to connect with everybody during the ride rather than focusing inwards.

Karaoke Anywhere

iOS users can download this app for only $1.99, and get the option of singing karaoke from an impressive collection of over 10,000 different songs. No matter where your musical tastes lie, you can find songs you want, and sing along in the car. Get your James Corden on, and sing your heart out!


Storylines is a highly entertaining free app, especially loved by children. It starts with somebody writing down a phrase and passing it on to the next person who illustrates it. The next person then guesses what the caption was and passes it on. This goes on for several rounds, and the storyline is revealed at the end.

Fun Blast Trivia

Everybody has their own interests, something that they’re passionate and informed about. Fun Blast Trivia is a great app to show off your knowledge and challenge each other in the car. This is a game that even drivers can safely partake in, so it involves everybody. Whether you want to answer questions about movies and television, politics or history, pop culture or literature, or any among a wide list of topics, you can choose as per your liking and enjoy. And it’s free!

Heads Up

If you watch Ellen Degeneres’ show regularly, you know what this app is all about. A super fun game, it involves choosing from a bunch of different categories. One person puts the app without up on their forehead, while everyone else looks at what is displayed on the screen. They act it out or give hints. The player can either tilt down for a correct guess or tilt up to pass. Costs 99 cents only.

There are a bunch of games and apps that can be used to have a great road trip. Give these a try – you’ll be impressed!

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