Everything You Need To Know About Packing For A Weekend Trip

Weekend getaways allow you to escape from the stress of everyday life, even if it’s only for a few days. But, prepping for a weekend away can be a challenge, especially when trying to pack lightly. These handy and easy tips will help you become a packing pro!

Small necessities – Remember to collect the small items that you don’t want to forget (Chargers, sunglasses, magazines, etc.) before packing your clothes. You can live with wearing the same shirt both days, but if your battery dies, then you’ll have a problem

Weather forecast – Check the weather of your destination so you can pack your clothes accordingly. You don’t want to be stuck with shorts and tanks if a storm or chill wind hits.

Outfit organization – For each activity you have, plan an outfit and lay them out as you go. Try to match and mix your clothes so you can wear certain pieces more than once. The best ratio is 1 pant or skirt for 2 tops.

Footwear – It’s important to choose versatile shoes that will suit all your planned outfits. Do not pack more than 2-4 pairs of shoes! When it comes to shoes, always prioritize comfort over fashion because if your feet start hurting, say goodbye to enjoying your trip at all.

Pack effectively – Place shoes at bottom of your bag, and stuff them with socks and undergarments to keep shape. Next, pack clothing piles on top of the shoes. Any remaining nooks and crannies? Fill them with smaller items like sunglasses and accessories.

Next weekend getaway, be prepared and well packed!

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