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British Traveler and Blogger Ellie Quinn, travels the world bit by bit. She documents her travels with her photographs and she is blogging along the way. She likes to write about costs of travel for budget travelers in her blog and she enjoys going to slightly less visited places and getting off the tourist tracks in her adventures.

Alex: Can you briefly introduce yourself?

EQ: My name is Ellie, I’m 25 and from England. I’ve been travelling on-off since 2010 and I’ve been documenting my trip for 2 years on my travel blog www.thewanderingquinn.com.

Why do you travel? What are your inspirations?

I love seeing new places and seeing things for the first time. I love meeting new people and seeing and experiencing cultures all over the world. The world is so big and there is so much to see i just couldn’t imagine a life where i don’t at least try and see all of it!


How do you organize your travel plans? Any hacks you can share?

I always have a few ideas going on in my head, usually my end plans come together after looking into flights.

I’m always on Skyscanner checking routes and the cheapest prices and dates, i like to book flights further out to ensure they’re cheaper.

I read a lot of blogs for ideas on places to visit, places to stay, trips, costs etc but i don’t like to do too much research! I think that sometimes over researching can take the magic out of a place and trip!

Tell me about a person you’ve met or a memory that impacted you the most during one of your trips?

I did a trek in Myanmar in December 2015 and our guide Cindy was only 18 years old. She had been a guide for a few years but also studied, she said she wanted to be a lawyer so she can help the poor people in her Country. She was so full of life, so positive and just a lovely girl. I was so lucky to spend 3 days with her and she definitely made me think even more positively!


Aside from the basics, name three items that you always bring when you travel?

A camera (or 3) is a must for me, i love taking photos and being able to look back and relive the memories, dry shampoo so i don’t have to wash my hair everyday and a book to pass journeys.

What is your best motto when it comes to travelling?

‘The less you spend, the more you see’

The best and worst meals you’ve ever had travelling?

I love the food in South East Asia and I’ve eaten so many amazing meals there but the Red Curry in Funky Fish Restaurant on Koh Lanta in Thailand is probably one of the best meals i’ve had! And in terms of worst, I had a omelette type thing from a street food stall in Vietnam and i didn’t realise it had dried fish pieces on it. I’m a vegetarian and not a huge fan of fish and i couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth for ages and it was so annoying because on the stall it looked so good!


Which city do you consider yourself an expert on? Can you share any hidden gems in the city?

I lived in Melbourne for over a year and its one of my favourite places so i know it quite well. If you’re a tourist in the city then i would highly recommend getting out of the main city area and exploring the suburbs further out- Brunswick, Fitzroy and check out the cafes for amazing coffee and brunch!

What is your favourite travel song/album to listen to on a trip?

One Republic- I lived. I think its the best trip soundtrack and so motivational.

What is the best foreign curse you know?

I actually don’t know one! lol

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