Healthy Eating On The Go

When you’re traveling, your diet tends to mess up, you eat at different times and are bound to try food options that are different from your regular diet. To make the best of your travel plans, here are some things you should keep in mind for healthy eating on the go!

  1. Breakfast: Buffet breakfast at hotels can be great, but stay away from eating all the bakery items! They may be high in carbohydrate content and loaded with sugar.
  2. Protein: Make sure to have protein during breakfast, that way you will feel fuller and will not feel hungry for a long time.
  3. Prepare: When you’re traveling via you can prepare a lunch box or some snacks that are high in energy and healthy like nuts.
  4. Fruits: If you find yourself stuck on the road, don’t resort to junk food instead of a meal no matter how hungry you are. All roads and highways have shops that have healthier options—maybe even fruits!
  5. Portion: You can’t put off eating for hours so make sure you plan your meal breaks well and be mindful of the quantity and amount of portions you eat.
  6. Balance: Whether you’re a vegetarian or not make sure you eat meals with veggies (other than fries of course!). Simply order a salad and reap the benefits by feeling fuller and healthier.
  7. Avoid: Try to avoid fried food unless it is the very last option you have—which means unless you’re stranded unprepared avoid fried food.

Keep these simple tips in mind and enjoy healthy eating on the go at all times.

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