Destination Greenland: Bask in the midnight sun

In central Greenland, the sun rises at the end of May and stays in the sky until late July. The low-lying midnight sun lends the landscape an ethereal feel; icebergs are bathed in pink and fjords are warmed by the soft summer rays.
Head to Ilulissat, where you can weave between mammoth icebergs on a midnight boat trip while the light plays along the ridged and angled ice. The captain may switch off the engine so you can enjoy the stillness and silence, only disturbed by gulls and the sound of ice cracking.

Locals avidly embrace the phenomenon; it’s their well-deserved reward after dark winter months. Fishing boats stay out late and children roam the streets outside. The activity culminates with the National Day festival on 21 June, the longest day of the year.
Towns and settlements across the country celebrate with music, folk dancing, flag hoisting and speeches. Museums also mark the day with special events and exhibitions, making June the perfect time to visit.

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