Reasons Why Copenhagen Should Top Your Travel Destination List

Thriving with a diversity of cultures, cuisines, arts and interests, Copenhagen is a wonderful city to visit. The Danish capital is just bursting with great vibes and great people. Here are some reasons why Copenhagen should top your travel destination list:

  • You’ll Never Get Bored in Copenhagen

For kids and adults alike, it offers an array of entertaining things to do. Discover the kid in yourself again in Copenhagen by visiting the Tivoli Gardens amusement park. Since opening in 1843, it has maintained its quaint old-world charm. The city also has a great zoo and aquarium and planetarium, as well as delightful botanical gardens. There is also a great bicycling culture in Copenhagen.

  • It’s A Gastronomical Hub

Copenhagen’s culinary scene has emerged in recent years to become noteworthy in the global scenario. The top restaurants here are often booked months in advance. The restaurant Noma, rightly called a “gastronomical Mecca” is a highly sought after spot, famous across the world. You can find lots of modern restaurants and cafes scattered across the city, serving delicious food often using local ingredients. You can also find more casual street food joints and pastry shops.

  • You Can Find Great Places to Shop

For all the shopping enthusiasts out there, Copenhagen is the perfect place to find what you need. You can get items from the best brands, both local and international. You can purchase antiques and furniture from Bredgade, clothes and décor items from Kongens Nytorv, fresh new brands from the Latin quarter, and so on – basically, whatever you need, you can find it somewhere in Copenhagen.

  • It’s a City Rich in Art and History

It boasts plenty of great museums and art galleries, including the Charlottenborg Palace, the Statens Museum and the ARKEN Museum of Modern Art. A lot of these museums are in fact in historical castles and buildings, dating back to the 16th and 17th century. There are many other historical sites from that era and earlier across Copenhagen, towers and palaces and old architecture situated here and there.

  • City Life with Water Bodies

Beaches are just a little distance away from the center, whether you want to go to Amager Beach Park, Bellevue Beach, Hellerup Beach, or Svanemolle Beach. Furthermore, you can find lots of harbor baths, sea baths, and outdoor pools where you can go for a swim or engage in recreational bathing. This maritime city also has charming canals running through it. A lovely canal district is Nyhavn, where you can have boat cruises or just enjoy the different dining and entertainment establishments or relax around the quays.

You can see that Denmark’s capital lot to offer. If you want to visit a place with an individual charm and uniqueness, try Copenhagen.

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