Reasons Why You Should Book Your Next Trip To Doha

Doha thrives with modern architecture and designs and is rich in Islamic culture. There so much to see and do at Doha, Qatar, which is a capital of the richest (financially and culturally) country in the world. To entire you here are a few reasons why you should book your next trip to Doha.


If the gorgeous scenery of endless dunes and beaches does not satisfy you, then you will definitely enjoy the stunning landscape of many of Doha’s skyscrapers and man-made islands such as the Pearl of the Gulf, the Doha Corniche, the Al Wajbah fort etc. This is a place of architectural heaven that rests between modern and historical buildings.

Art and culture

Doha is the hub of modern culture mixed with Islamic roots. You can visit the Mathaf to see contemporary art, the Museum of Islamic Art,  Al-Jassasiya, Al-Zubarah town, Al Wakra, Al Wajba Fort and Katara Cultural Village, walk along the streets of Souq Waqif, a traditional standing market and just enjoy the man-made beauties of Doha.


Imagine flying through the Arab desert in a 4×4 jeep, or gentling swaying through the sands on a camel, jet skiing on the beach, cruising in the Corniche and sleeping in Bedouin style tents. It is definitely something out your comfort zone yet enjoyable.


Doha is known for its enormous shopping malls and you can strolls through either one of the malls and enjoy shopping or window shopping. You can also visit some of the exclusive clubs and dance the night away.

Book your next vacation to Doha, Qatar and enjoy its architecture, arts and activities!

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