Reasons Why You Should Visit Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Ulanbaatar is Mongolia’s capital and is its biggest and one of the most beautiful cities. A trip to Ulaanbaatar will be a visual delight filled with adventure, culture and fun. Among the numerous reasons why you should visit Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia here are a few:

  • Tradition
    Despite being one of the most modern cities of Mongolia, the people of Ulaanbaatar have maintained practices, rituals and traditions passed on from their ancestors through centuries. During your trip, you too can experience and immerse in the Mongolian traditions.
  • Food
    Whether you’re a foodie or not, traditional Mongolian food can be quite scrumptious. Their specialty lies in mutton and they prepare anything mutton ranging from mutton soup to mutton risotto. Other food of theirs include various soups and dumplings.
  • Spirituality
    Mongolia is a Buddhist country and people all over Mongolia, including the ones in Ulaanbaatar, engage in spiritual activities. Tourists and foreigners are welcome in temples everywhere. During your trip you can take a 20 hour package train ride to visit various temples and spiritual centers across Ulaanbaatar.
  • Festival
    If you are thinking of going to Ulaanbaatar, July could be a good as this is when the largest Nadaam celebration occurs. Nadaam is a traditional sports festival consists of wresting, archery and horse racing. Alternatively, other times that you could consider traveling to Ulaanbaatar is during the Eagle Festival, the Thousand Camel Festival and the Kazakh Traditional Spring Festival (Mauryz). Scheduling your visit during the Mongolian festivals will make your trip a bit more exciting.  

Are you ready to jet set to Ulaanbaatar?

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