Destination Italy: Walk on the water at Lake Iseo

Lake Iseo & Franciacorta wine district

Landscape-altering artist Christo – most famous for wrapping Berlin’s Reichstag in fabric and filling New York’s Central Park with thousands of saffron-coloured gateways – is set to create another of his massive artworks in 2016, this time in Italy.
For 16 days starting on 18 June, a bright yellow floating walkway will link two islands in the centre of Lake Iseo with the mainland. The Floating Piers will be 3km long, 16m wide and 50cm high, held in place by anchors at the bottom of the lake. The shimmering yellow pathway will extend through the streets of Sulzano on the mainland, across the water to Monte Isola island and then branch towards the tiny island of San Paolo, which will be completely encircled.
The walkway will be a spectacular sight from the mountains that surround the lake, but for the full artistic experience you’re encouraged to step out on the water. According to the 80-year-old artist, strolling along his paths will feel ‘very sexy, a bit like walking on a water bed’.

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