Things To Consider When You Take A Hiking Trip

Whether it’s simply a day trip in the woods or a 6-day trek through rugged terrain- one of the most popular outdoor activities is hiking. A great source of exercise as well as a way to explore the beauty of nature, hiking requires some planning beforehand.  The following tips will be helpful to all who hike- the experienced as well as the amateurs.

  1. Never, ever hike alone. You must have a partner in case of an accident. If you’re a first time hiker, go with a more experienced pal so they can teach you how to handle the ropes.
  2. Pack practically by carrying only the essentials. Water and food come at the top of that list, but sun glasses, sunscreen, bug-spray and a basic first aid kit are also good to take along.
  3. Plan your route a few days in advance so you know how to get to your destination and are familiar with the path to be taken (a map and compass can be your best friends).
  4. Dress according the weather. It never hurts to put on a few extra layers- you can strip them off if it gets too hot.
  5. Hike at your own steady pace, taking a break at least once an hour for 10 minutes even if you’re not feeling tired.
  6. Before setting off on your adventure, prepare your body my walking around rather than taking your car or bike. It’ll get your muscles ready for the trip to come!

Keep these things in mind and be prepared to enjoy your hiking trip!

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