Tips To Save Money On Car Rentals

Car rentals are a great way to get out and about during your vacation. It is quite common to spend a lot of money in one weekend and less than a quarter of it the next weekend, depending on your itinerary and deals. Such price variations are common in the car rental industry. So, here are some tips to help you get a better bargain.

Rental Duration

Renting a car for three days might not be cheaper than renting one for five. It’s often cheaper to rent for a longer period since business travelers book shorter rentals and aren’t as price sensitive as leisure travelers, which increases the short term price. But, agencies re-price rentals to a higher price if you return it early.  

Prepaid Rentals  

Prepaid rentals could mean a discounted rental price,  but you might lose the chance to save money if the rental prices drop before your trip starts. After your reservation, you can keep track of price changes on your rental and scout competitors’ prices online. Sites such as track car rental prices and inform you, via email, when a lower price for the same rental becomes available and allow you to re-book.

Rental Location

Airports are convenient for car rentals, but rental agencies with airport locations charge a daily airport tax, of upto 25% of your entire rental, at airport rentals. You can save money by renting with the same company by simply picking up your car away from the airport. Plus, airport tax is charged only on airport pick ups not on drop offs. 

Remember car rentals are a great way to navigate around while traveling. Just keep these tips in mind to ensure you don’t squander your travel budget.

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