Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Bogota, Columbia

Bogota, once infamous as the home to notorious drug lords, is a beautiful capital of Columbia. Over the past 20 years the city and country has transformed from a place of Narco rule to a progressive, artsy and culturally rich destination. Here are top 5 reasons why you should visit Bogota, Colombia:

    1. THE STREET ART: Ever since the government decriminalized graffiti, the artistic community in Bogotá has thrived, with international artists crowding its streets to contribute to the welcoming culture of art. There are neighborhood commissioned pieces, privately funded works and local schools hiring street artists to teach classes.
    2. CYCLING SIESTA: Ciclovía, a day when cyclists can ride through car-free city streets. In Bogotá, 76 miles of roads of the city center is cleared every week so people can reclaim the tarmac: cycling, running, walking, roller blading, etc.
    3. Hustling & Bustling: In this resurgent city, new restaurants, boutique hotels and craft breweries are popping up, as local entrepreneurs capitalize on the country’s newfound peace and stability.
    4. CITY TOURS:  Taking a city tour will offer edgy sightseeing excursions on bike and foot. Some of these tour are free (though donations are appreciated) and they cover everything from Bogota’s history to architecture to politics.
    5. UNDERGROUND CATHEDRAL: Explore one of the world’s most unique cathedral, Zipaquirá, which is located underground is carved into a salt mine. Hidden in the depths of a mountain, the site is an amazing labyrinth of snaking passages, carved crosses, and scattered chapels.

It’s time to pack your bags and book tickets to Bogota right away.

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