Top 5 Scuba Diving Destinations

Namena Reef, Fiji

Thanks to local Fijian village chiefs protecting and managing this reef, it’s home to thousands of species of coral and marine life.


La Paz, Mexico

In western Mexico’s La Paz, you’ll find clear water the temperature of a bath, tropical neon plants, and guppy-sized aquarium fish.


Red Sea, Egypt

“The diving in the Red Sea, especially around the Dahab and Blue Hole area, stands out for its amazing visibility and ease of access,” says travel blogger Michael Hodson, an avid diver who pens the blog.


The Islands of Micronesia

Like Indonesia, Micronesia has been a hot dive destination for decades. Scattered over a large area of the Pacific, the islands of Micronesia satisfy a variety of dive personalities by offering different kinds of dive experiences.



Indonesia is known for its pristine diving and incredible underwater experiences. Places like Wakatobi are favorites of long-time dive fans, but newer spots like Raja Ampat are growing in popularity.

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