Top Bungee Jumping Destinations In South America

One of the many extreme sports that quench the thirst of thrill seekers, bungee jumping is where people jump from higher ground (such as a bridge) with an elastic rope tied to their ankles which is intended to stretch, not break. Some of the best bungee jumping destinations in South America are:

Chile’s Pucón jump: This is the world’s craziest bungee jumping location which entails of a six-day trip where participants leap from a helicopter towards the bubbling lava of a live volcano and remain bouncing around on the bungee as they fly 35 miles back to town.

Extremo Park, Monteverde, Costa Rica: The highest as well as newest bungee jump of Latin America is where adrenaline junkies can jump from a tram suspended (by cables) 143m above the Central American cloud forest.

Action Valley, Cusco, Peru: The bungee jump in Action Valley stands at 122 meters (or about 400 feet).  Jumpers must weigh in between 40-200 kgs and they leap from a steel cage which hangs suspended between the mountains.

Slingshot, Action Valley, Peru: Though at the same location, the Slingshot bungee jumping experience is much different and one of a kind. It acts as a reverse bungee jump as you start on the ground, wearing a body harness with the bungee rope tying you to the steel cage. As the cage approaches the 122 meter mark you are flung into the air, reaching an acceleration of up to 3.2 Gs.

Villena Bridge, Miraflores: One of the first bungee jumping locations in South America. It has since been closed due to various issues, but sports like paragliding are still available there.

Make sure you give bungee jumping a shot when you’re at either one of these destinations!

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