Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Venice, Italy

Popularly known as the Bride of the Sea, Venice falls among the world’s most spellbinding and exquisite cities. A city of color, history, and individuality which also happens to be bursting at the seams with life- Venice is the perfect place for lovers, friends, family and those who simply wish to wander. Are you still not convinced and wondering why? Well here are top reasons why you should visit Venice, Italy:

  1. To explore each of the winding canals, enjoy relaxing gondola rides that give you a whole new perspective of the city and lose yourself in the great maze that is the city itself.
  2. To witness the modern as well historical art and architecture (a mix of Byzantine and Gothic styles) of the city, including the Basilica di San Marco and Palazzo Ducale.
  3. To watch the mesmerizing process of glass-blowing, understand how world-renowned Murano glass is created and walk around the famed Murano islands.
  4. To attend the annual Carnival of Venice (Carnevale di Venezia) festival, world-famous for its elaborate masks and costumes.
  5. To indulge in the delectable local culinary delights and visit the stunning Rialto markets; with fresh produced piled a mile high!
  6. To learn the art of La Dolce Vita or “the good life” from the Italians, who have done so by perfecting an idyllic combination of food, family, and famous good humor.

Bear in mind that the city is literally sinking, so be sure to visit it before it becomes the lost city of Venice!

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