Unknown Facts About Chinese Food

Recent statistics shows that Chinese cuisine is one of the most loved cuisines across the world. The large number of Chinese food options are available globally is enough to prove its popularity. Did you know that fortune cookies, although largely popular as Chinese, is actually Japanese? Or that there were two different staple foods- noodles and rice- in China? There might be more surprises, so here are some unknown facts about Chinese food for thought:


The Chinese attach particular meanings to certain foods based on shapes, colors, pronunciations, and legends. Superstition and tradition match certain foods with certain festivals or events to invoke a blessing. For example, ingot-shaped dumplings symbolize wealth during New Year and round moon-cakes represent family reunion at mid-fall.


Chinese cuisine is one of the healthiest cuisines in the world because it contains about twice as much dietary fiber than the traditional western dishes. Plus, there is a crazy variety of vegetables and fruits such as pomelos, bitter cucumber, yard-long yams, tree fungi, and dozens of untranslatable weed-like plants included in Chinese food. When teamed with noodles or rice, it can be both healthy and delicious.

Unassuming Names

There are some Chinese dishes that might make you raise a brow. And there are some dishes with names that have nothing to do with their ingredients. For example, ‘Husband Wife Lung Slices’ is not cannibalism, but thinly sliced bovine lung or tongue seasoned with chili oil. Similarly, ‘Field chicken’ comes off as an innocent sounding name for a food, but is actually frog meat and ‘Ants Climb Trees’ is spicy minced pork with vermicelli.

Chinese food have meaning, variety and flavors, which work well together to hit your taste buds. 

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