Visit Tokyo, Japan

A place with diverse cultures and beautiful scenes, Tokyo, Japan is a place you should definitely visit. Among the several reasons why you should visit Tokyo, Japan, here a couple:

  • Disneyland: Yes, Japan has a Disneyland at Tokyo. It has an approximate 13 million visitors per year and is even more successful than the one in Paris. Built in 1983, it’s one of the oldest ones and is definitely worth a visit when you’re at Tokyo.
  • Sumo Wrestling: Now this is a sport almost everyone has heard about. What may seem like two fat men in baby attire trying to push each other is actually a professional sport and Japan is the only country where it is practiced professionally. It’s a very entertaining Japanese tradition, something one must definitely see.
  • The cuisine: Japanese cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Japanese food is amazing and in case eating Sushi hasn’t already convinced you of that, then you must definitely eat the cultured food in the country itself. Use them chopsticks and eat like a true Japanese.
  • The railway system: Japan is said to have one of the most sophisticated railway systems in the world. It would be rare to find a place in Tokyo that is unreachable by trains.
  • The Imperial Palace: The Imperial palace is stunning and absolutely beautiful. Its 7.41 square km and twice a year, January 2nd and December 23rd, the Imperial family residing in the palace makes an appearance so in case you want to see them, you know the right season.
  • Technology: Japan has highly advanced technology and in Tokyo, there is an entire building that only sells video games. The Akihabara district is filled with latest technology and gadgets and a lot of other lively stores.
  • The view: The scenery there is a reason to go visit this gorgeous city. There is a mount Takao that is only 599 meters high, easy to climb and may often allow a view of the well-known Mount Fuji.

All of which make Tokyo a must visit destination!

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